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  A doodler, potterhead, pianist, football fan. A servant. What you need to understand about me is that i'm a deeply emotional person. I don't need anyone to think i'm cool make me feel fine about myself. I rarely get angry. I rarely cry. I guess I do get excited a lot. ツ

The one who got away.

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"And the blog is back, but not the blogger."

Ang kyot talaga ni Rhod. :”) Kakabukas ko lang ng tumblr tapos erpat ko nasa likod ko, pagkita ko sa dash yung porn agad. Haaayyyy sabi ni papa. “Ayos porn site agad ah.” HAHAHAHAHAHA Ganda ng timing fre. I love you Rhod. swaggy heart ♥ mwa

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    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Sorry naman Dar. =))) Naginit e. =)) Shet. ewan ko ba anong ngyari sakin bakit naglibog ako ng ganto....
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